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Counties throughout Ohio are launching local County Hubs to Combat Opioid Addiction, as called for in the last biennial budget. The MHRB of Wayne and Holmes County will now serve as the local coordinator for the opioid prevention efforts in Holmes County and for the existing efforts of the Wayne County Opiate Task Force. 

Read more about County Hubs from the document below.  To learn more about the work and accomplishments of the Task Force, download our progress sheet below.

Meeting Schedule

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The Opiate Task Force meets at 1:30 pm on the second Friday of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December at The Wayne County Public Library

Intervention Committee



The Intervention Committee works to assure that community needs related to substance use are assessed and that local programming is available to meet identified needs. Accomplishments / projects include:

  • The Wayne County Quick Response Team
  • Opioid-focused Sequential Intercept Mapping (community needs assessment facilitated by Northeast Ohio Medical University in November 2018)
  • Wayne County 24-hour Treatment Navigator program



The Prevention Committee works to share resources and to educate the public, community members and key leaders about the Opiate Task Force and substance use issues facing our community. Accomplishments / projects include:

  •  Show You Care campaign to encourage safe disposal of prescription medications
  •  Prescription Drug information toolkit
  •  Community events and presentations, including health fairs, road shows (providing information to churches and faith-based groups before and after services), and presentations for local civic groups and other organizations



The Support Committee fosters the development of supportive services for people in recovery. Accomplishments / projects include:

  • Fostering of recovery housing. There are seven recovery houses in Wayne County with a total of 19 beds. Another recovery house will open in 2019.
  • Working with the faith community to provide supports to people in recovery
  • Improving transportation to work, services, and 12-step meetings



The Treatment Committee works to identify local resources and services which offer specialized treatment and programs to individuals with opiate use disorder. Accomplishments / projects include:

  • Map local services to assure access to all American Society of Addiction Medicine Levels of Care are available
  • Promote the available services and provide clarity to the community about who, what, when, where, why and how to get help when needed
  • Assure that effective treatment options are available across the system of care, including to the most vulnerable in our community

Data & Evaluation

The Wayne County Health Department began offering Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided With Naloxone) trainings in April 2017. Thus far 79 individuals have been trained in identifying and responding to an opiate overdose, including administering Naloxone.These classes are provided free of charge on the 2nd Tuesday of February,April, June,August, October, and December, 11:30a-1p. Call 330-264-9590 to register. Upon completion of the class, participants are given a Narcan kit.

In 2016 Wayne County experienced its highest rate of deaths due to drug overdose (38); in 2018 this number decreased to 19. Worth noting is the increasing rate of Methamphetamine involvement in over one-third of these deaths, reflective of the increased local use of meth.

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